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Ah yes, the holiday season. The air is buzzing with excitement. Schools get out soon, vacation days are nearing, and families are gathering. There is a great deal of fun that can be had in the month of December. But it's also usually when temperatures take a last dip before real winter comes. First snow, anyone? Now, whether you're trudging steadily into your first or your fifty-first New England winter, there's no denying that it's cold! So what keeps you warm in the month of December? Keep this thought in the back of your mind as you go about your daily routines. You might be surprised at what you find.


January is a tough month and can be kind of a drag to get through. For students, it means starting school again. For everyone, it means the holiday breaks are over. Winter is in full throttle. The days are short, the snow is big, the light is dark, the air is cold. Really what it comes down to is the month of January is bleak and dreary. With that being said, what makes you happy in this dark and cold month? It can be a small thing, like your car heater, or a big thing, like the start of a new year! Whatever it is, capture it and tag us so we can also share in happiness.

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